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Pool Repairs

The Different Types of Pool Repairs

Over time, a pool needs to be resurfaced. Sometimes there may be leaks that come from cracked areas. Pool Pros has a team ready to handle those pool repairs and do much more for our customers regarding construction and repairing. Resurfacing is one of the most common pool repairs we handle. With the chemicals needed to keep a pool clean, and the water itself can cause corrosion. The surfacing deteriorates, and problems can occur not long after, not to mention, it does not look good. Once we take care of the resurfacing, the possibility of leaks is no more. Sometimes, corrosion damage may be so bad; we have to demolish the pool's current parts and reconstruct it from scratch. Spas and hot tubs are no different. Many times we are asked why the corrosion takes place. Try to imagine images of the Titanic or anything at the bottom of the ocean. Water and oxidation can destroy anything over time.

As a pool service company, we are professional, reliable, and our customers love how we work with them to get them into their dream pool. The upkeep of a swimming pool has built our pool service company into what people know today. Our business hours are there to get the most done in a day. We are open Monday through Saturday from 5 am to 9 pm. Sunday's we only work by appointments. Every minute of the day is critical to service and maintenance, and we do not waste any time. We do public pools and private pools. Some are large and take the better part of the day. We do our best not to leave a job undone by nightfall, and the customers can expect us to clean up after each appointment. So far, we have been successful. Whatever the customer needs in service, we can provide.

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