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Pool Cleaning Services

When It Matters Most

Pool Pros was established in 2000 and is one of the best pool cleaning services around the greater Bay Area Region in California. We offer pool and spa cleaning services for when it comes time to swim and when it is time to save the pool for those colder months (winterization.)

We can take the stress and strain out of your swimming season.

Everyone enjoys beautiful crystal blue water in their private pool areas, and you should too!

Whether sitting poolside sunbathing or in the water cooling off and enjoying family fun, the guarantee is always there that you'll enjoy a nice clean pool without worrying about the upkeep and hard labor associated with keeping your pool in pristine condition.

Over time, algae and other bacteria form in the water and on surfaces, leaving the affected areas slimy, unpleasant and degraded. The pumps and the pool vacuum can only do so much over time. The first clean up is always the hardest, and those who own a pool know it can be a nightmare getting everything perfect.

Our services have stood the test of time over the last 20 years, with that said, our reputation and the relationships we've built has people calling us back to their homes when needed. On Google and Yelp, many clients have left friendly referrals with regards to our professional pool services. We work as quickly and efficiently as possible to get in and out of the homeowners' way so they can enjoy the beauty of their pool area.


We offer a plethora of services relating to pools and spas, some include; pool/spa cleaning, repairs, resurfacing, solar water heating, leak detection, lighting repair / install / LED retrofits and much more.

When we started Pool Pros, we had a passion and experience for servicing pools and spas. The further along we went with our customers and their unique projects, the more they called us back. Word of mouth got around and as a result that passion has grown with the growth we have experienced. 

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