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Pool Maintenance

What Does Pool Pros Do During Pool Maintenance?

Pool Pros uses a checklist for all the pool maintenance needed for every customer. Everything is done to perfection and ready for use for the swimming season. We inspect the pool, spa, and hot tub area along with the pumps and filters. The restroom and bathhouses are next on the list. It is critical that there are no backups and all filters are clean, and pumps and water is flowing efficiently. We also look at the grounds around the property to ensure there are no leaks from the pool and spa area. The water is tested throughout the process to ensure everything is in check from pH to disinfectant levels. Drain covers are inspected to make sure everything is in place and properly attached. Many injuries have occurred due to the drain covers not being correctly installed. Everything is followed by the labor of brushing, vacuuming, cleaning, and the final test of the water.

With over two decades of being the Bay Area pool service of choice, we continue to keep our passion alive with the incredible team we have put together. Our team members have taken the proper training courses like the Certified Pool and Spa Operator (CPO) certification, which is mandatory to service the public in this field. Any occupation that services recreational water must have this certification and training. All of our team members have this, and we are highly skilled and licensed with our construction team and the proper insurance. The Greater Bay Area pool service works in the San Jose and San Francisco, California area. We are also concerned with the public's health during these times as we follow the mandates of wearing masks, social distancing, and we are strict on our sanitization policies between customers. These are some of the extra services we offer; Chlorine wash, diving board installations, acid Wash, installing concrete, fiberglass, and inground pools.

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